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Rental property cleaning

Rental & Spring Cleaning

Whatever your reason, we can tailor a package to suit your needs

Rental / Vacant House Cleans
Moving house can be exhausting in itself. With so many things to keep on top of, you have peace of mind knowing that you can leave the cleaning to us. We will prepare your house ready for the new occupants whether you have sold the house or be it a rental.

Ultimate Clean currently has clients through many rental management agencies. We will go through exactly what we will do and what results you can expect.

Spring Clean
Whilst many like to have their homes spring cleaned in spring, this is fast becoming a year round routine. Whether it is your business or home, we will come and refresh your already occupied property. Many clients like to have a thorough clean done before summer arrives, getting rid of the wintery mould and mildew that can develop in the colder months, and before they have their homes bug treated.

Home Cleaning

3 Bedroom House $79 Per Week + GST

Full House Clean

3 Bedroom House $329 + GST

Carpet Cleaning

3 Bedroom + Lounge $89+ GST

Exterior House Washing

3 Bedroom $349 + GST

This is

How We Do


All areas of the property

  • Damp wipe of skirting boards
  • Windows cleaned
  • Window/Sliding Door Tracks cleaned
  • Light fixtures/switches cleaned
  • Light covers removed and bugs dust cleaned out
  • Hard surface floors cleaned with no residue left behind
  • Interior windows cleaned/Exterior also cleaned at entry/exit points
  • Carpet Clean Only-High Pressure or Machine Shampoo


  • Toilet cleaned and sanitised with appropriate chemicals
  • Showers cleaned including tiles,shower windows
  • Sink cleaned and polished (taking care to remove all buildup from plughole
  • Bathroom cupboards cleaned on the inside
  • Clean kitchen appliances
  • Dryer cleaned – Filter emptied out-Moved to clean underneath
  • Bath/Shower cleaned to remove marks and build up – Including the
    • plug-hole
    • Mop floor Last
    • Take out garbage


  • Range hood + Filters + Stove top degreased-cleaned cleaned behind
  • Dust ceilings and wall corners
  • Sink and surrounding surfaces cleaned with all residue removed
  • Oven + Oven trays and fittings cleaned,Pulled out mopped behind
  • Kitchen cupboards cleaned inside and out
  • Clean inside of windows, window sills
  • Clean on the very top of pantry or cabinets where grease normally sits
  • Deep clean appliances
  • Clean range hood and clean fan filter
  • Dishwasher cleaned inside and out (including filters)

Please Note: We do not take responsibility if during the cleaning any old light shades, kitchen handles, range hood filters, blinds, shower wheels get broken.

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